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Harley Quinn x Male!Reader 1/??

"Man this is too boring. The one time I want to beat up bad guys it goes silent." You said a lot to yourself. You walked around the Bat-Cave. Your eyes landed on the first version of your costume. You reminisced on how you got here.
'Ah man, I got to get a job soon. I love my family and all but I need to get my own place. Having money for new clothes and other stuff wouldn't hurt either. Anyway I have to make a bank account.' you thought to yourself as you walked towards the bank with your hands in your pocket and your headphones in your ears. Opening the bank doors you smelt mint and cheap cologne. 
"That's Gotham for you." you walked over to the front desk.
"Welcome to Gotham City Bank how could I- Oh no."
You whipped your head around to see what the bank teller was reacting to and then you saw him. Black-Mask. He came in with at least 4 men with him, who knew how many more were in the van.
"Alright Gothamites this is how it's
:iconjotose:Jotose 84 42
Mercy x Villain!Male!Reader || Unstoppable
Mercy x Villain!Male!Reader
Requested by: :iconIgnobleFiend:
“Hang in there, you’re going to be okay,” said a voice in my ear, and I could make out a blurred figure above me.
I tried to reply, but nothing left my lips but a pained groan. Everything hurt, my body felt like a thousand needles were piercing every inch of it. I tried to blink and return my vision to normal, but it was growing worse as the edges of my vision began to darken.
“What are you doing!? Get away from him he-“
“Quiet 76, this man is injured! He-“
“But he’s with them! He could hurt yo-“
“He’s dying, you really think he could harm anyone in his current state!?”
“No bu…”
“Help…..get him….”
I started to be unable to make out the voices as my eyes closed and let darkness take me over. Within moments, I was left in silence, floating in the dark black waves that sucked me underneath them to a calm and pe
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 74 18
Tracer x Villain!Male!Reader || Wait
Tracer x Villain!Male!Reader
Requested by: :iconSkydiver152:
You'd seen it happen only moments before, the young, adventurous brunette had been fighting with the same woman she had lost to many, many months prior. She had been distracting the sniper in order to keep her off of her allies whilst they dealt with not just the notorious mercenary, Reaper, but the crazed pair of Junkers who'd decided to join in the fun and create even more mayhem and destruction in King's Row. You had watched the feared sniper manage to hit the young female three times before she had vanished to cover. Moments after, Widowmaker had ordered you to finish the job since she needed to keep the rest of the heroes away from helping the girl. You had complied, knowing better than to go against an order from the female. So here you were, stalking down the alleyways as you looked for your target, the sound of fighting in the distance. You hummed to yourself softly as you went, pausing once or twice upon seeing splat
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 67 27
Perfect Life. Barbara Gordon X Male Reader
hey guys i'm back
You and Barbara were snuggling on the couch watching Pluto Nash, with a big fluffy duvet wrapped around the two of you and a bowl of popcorn which was half gone thanks to Barbara’s hunger sitting between you and her, your left arm around her shoulder and her head was on your shoulder. You both were enjoying the movie when you thought of something, you turned to ask your now fiancé a question when you saw her smile and realized that it could wait till after the movie.
When eventually the movie finished you turned to see a smiling face inches away from yours bits of popcorn around her mouth which made you laugh as you wiped them of and kissed her. When you finally parted you asked your question.
“Hey Barbs?” you start
“Yeah baby?” she asked as she turned around so the back of her head was against your chest, you looked down at her. “W-well I was wondering if you could teach me something?” y
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 37 3
secret love... Barbra Gordon x Male reader
first DC comics story yay
You were standing outside the Barbra Gordon’s house with your fist hanging next to the door ready to knock; you were looking at your watch looking at the second hand creep up to the top. “Finally 8:30” you said as you knocked on the solid wood door, only a few seconds passed before the door opened to show the lovely owner of the house (She owns a house in this story if you couldn’t tell. Your both around 21 years old) in a strapless black dress that showed off her wonderful curves. “You look amazing Barb” you said as you held out your hand for her to take, “Why thank you (y/n) you don’t look so bad yourself” said Barbra as she took your hand and you lead her to your car. You and Barbra got in the car, a (fav car) and started driving to Kitcho the fanciest restaurant in Gotham (It’s an actual place) as we were driving past the GCPD Barbra’s phone rang
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 42 2
A Hunter's Queen (Predator Reader x Weiss) Part 1
Hey guys! I thought I would try something nobody else was doing! So here is the first part of “A Hunter’s Queen”! ENJOY!!!
Character Description
YAY!!! God I hate descriptions.

You look normal but have some traits of a Predator.
You have bright yellow eyes.
All of your teeth are sharper than normal.
You are able to make the loud clicking noise they make.
Your nails are sharper than normal.
Your blood is a glowing green color.
You have increased strength.
You have increased stamina.
Your body is more resilient to damage.
And for normal traits you have…
Red hair. (The reason why will be explained in the story)
A scar across your face that reaches from your left temple to your right cheek.
You are fearless.
You have an overwhelming sense of pride which makes you unable to leave a fight.
Weapons and Armor
You decided to go all out with your weapons
:iconvantal:Vantal 76 31
Hetalia x M!S!Reader (Empathy): Intro
WARNING: Slight swearing, if not slight then a lot
A body falls to the floor.
The person who shot said person stands over the dead male.
He pumps his shotgun, the man is wielding a 12 Gauge Remington 870 Pump Action Shotgun, he sits down on the bed of the room of the dead man he was in, he takes his boots off and sets them on the nightstand.
He sees blood seeping through the wooden floor, he then turns on the T.V in the room and the show, Spongebob was on.
The man, sorry, I mean young man, was wearing a black denim jacket unbuttoned, with a plain black flannel underneath, he wore black jeans with a belt, he had white socks, and his boots were dark maroon snakeskin boots were resting on the nightstand.
He places his shotgun on the bed, he pulls out his pistol, a Silenced Beretta M9A3, custom plated, he checks the ammo, had eight bullets left.
His name was
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 46 14
Storms: Male reader! X Annie leonhardt Part 4
I've been gone for a very long while (2monthsm8) And im sorry for that xD so im updating storms! yees YEESSSSS THE POOOWERRRR!!! WE NEEED MOREE POOWERRRR!!
After annie told you what bert did to her, You wer furious And to say the least, You wanted to castrate him. But as much as you hated him you were forced
to work with him. Your 'general' Zeke, Possibly the most powerful of the three of you, Noticed your lack of emotions and compassion towards bert.
He decided that he should use his 'general' authority to call a meeting, Composing of you, bert, and zeke.
The meeting was to mend the fallen bonds between you and bert.
This meeting supposedly helped out for the first few weeks but as soon as zeke's plan Was formated you three were training on how to use your seperate shifting powers.
(year 844) (december 25th, one day before the attack on shiganshina) (You are a covert specialist, Annie, bert, and reiner are all infantry, The last of the order's "army")
"Okay, We've been through on how
:iconkinglykingsofburrito:Kinglykingsofburrito 10 6
Annie leonhardt x Male! Reader (oneshot)
Hello people! Im here with another x Male! reader fic!! Now its a new girl, In a new universe
Ppsh you all are a bunch of studds xD. Well This is SnK! Enjoy!
Training killed your body, You wondered why you ever joined the military. This is probably one of the most foolish decisions you have ever made, Aside from stealing that muffin but i digress.
Every cadet in the 104 stood in a row, Shadis-The resident drill instructor-Got to my row.
He was at the cadet next to me, Shouting at her because she ate a steamed potato.
After she was ordered to run laps, He got to you.
You were scared shitless, You have seen titans smash people into red mist, And torn into nothing, But this man scared you more.
"What is your name trash face!" he asked.
"C-CADET (F/n,L/N) Sir!" you answered
"Cadet (L/n) hmm, Your father served the scouts quite well." he said
"Sir, No disrespect but What does that have to do with anything?" you ask
He gave you the dirtiest, Coldest, Most crusty look he can muster.
Your spin
:iconkinglykingsofburrito:Kinglykingsofburrito 36 7
Authority : Mikasa x Male reader Pt 1
Im sorry man, whoever requested the mikasa insert, Im sorry that it took THIS long for it to come out. Cx
Part 1 out of 2 or 3.
The titan threat has evolved to unfathomable levels, Possibly even impossible to defeat them now. They have two abberants on their side. The collosal and the armored.
But in the 104 humanity training corps, Three cadets wield the power to turn the tides, And even swollow their adversary, the titan threat.
Back in the boot-camp of the 104
Drill instructer Keith Shadis, The residant thorn and ass-kicker, Was walking down the rows of cadets, Ignoring the ones who have clearly been through hell.
Only degrading, and shouting at the ones who look fresh faced, And the Never seen death-cadets he could find.
Untill he found one, One who he got confused at, The cadet who looked joyus and grief-stricken. He decided it was best to ignore the cadet, lest he be yelled at
and go completely awol.
After the day of breaking barriers, degrading, and just plain shouting, Kieth de
:iconkinglykingsofburrito:Kinglykingsofburrito 22 18
Misaki AyuzawaXMale!Reader (2/2)
(A/N: there's mention of abuse and violence, but i dont feel like it really needs the mature content warning, just figured I'd put this up just in case!)
~One work day~
It was finally the end of Misaki’s shift. Stretching out her arms, she walked to the locker room to change and head on home. As she turned the corner, she caught (y/n) just pulling off his shirt, his bare back to her. The fact that he was practically half naked in front of her wasn’t what shocked Misaki, it was the scar that started at his right shoulder and ended at his left hip. She let out a loud gasp and out of reflex, (y/n) yanked back on his shirt.
“What the-!? Misaki!!?”
“(y-y/n) . . . . what? How?”
(y/n) was silent for a minute, then sighed deeply before saying, “Here’s not the place to be talking about this.”
She nodded and after (y/n) left through the back door, she quickly changed and joined him in a walk to the nearby park. He sat on a swing while she lea
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 109 41
Misaki AyuzawaXMale!Reader (1/2)
“Everyone! I have an announcement to make!!” Chief Satsuki announced to the girls one day before opening up the maid cafe. They all gathered around the closed curtains that led to the backroom.
“Out of popular demand, I’ve decided to make a little change around here,” she faced the curtain, “You can all come out!”
Four guys came from behind the cloth, dressed up as butlers. Some of the workers blushed at the sight of attractive boys dressed sharply like this.
“To attract even more female customers, I’ve decided to make this place both a maid and a butler cafe! This’ll be soooooo fun!!!”
One of the butlers locked eyes with the toughest maid in the group, Misaki. When they did, her eyes grew wide and she pointed at him shouting, “YOU!!!?” His own eyes grew a fraction, but then went normal as he rolled his eyes.
“Ne? Misaki? Is there something wrong?” Satsuki asked.
Instead of responding, Misaki grab
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 141 48
AOT how it began mikasa x reader
F/N = FIRST NAME       *----* = IN  HEAD 
L/N = last name 
E/C=EYE COLOUR                 
As you walked down shiganshinas the dull streets you saw your best friend Armin being beaten up by some kids that think they’re tough but they start crying when you flick them. "Hey you brats stop hitting Armin!" You yelled as you charged once they see you they begin screaming in fear. “No no no please don't break my my arm!"The leader screamed as he ran. You go and help your friend of the ground *He should learn to fight his own battles * you said in your head “Armin are you injured in anyway." You said with a concerned look on your face "Yeah I’m fine their fists can't injure me." he said with a small smile but you could tell he was in pain on the inside "Yes they can." you said as he dusted the dirt of him. Before he could reply Eren and mikasa ran round the corner "Armin ar
:iconbrokenking12:brokenking12 4 0
Demon and Goddess (Mikasa x Demon!Male!Reader) 2
Chapter 2: The Goddess New Protector
For my bud :iconCHEIFACHU: since he won't be making this, and I've been asked for a part 2.
Looking back at this Chapter it's like the Anime 'Say I Love You' Mei x Yamato for the win
"(F/N), please let go?" Mikasa asks.
(F/N) hums, "Nah, my little Goddess, what's funny is that Demons and Angels aren't aloud to mate, but I don't follow the rules!~"
Mikasa blushes deeply, she fiddles with her scarf.
"I just noticed this!" (F/N) takes it.
(F/N) looks at it, "Red, my favorite color, smells nice, looks nice(Wraps it around his neck), and warm!"
Mikasa grabs it off him, "What? Does it not go well with the black?"
"No, it does, but it's mine, well, Eren gave it to me-"
"Eren huh?" (F/N)'s aura emitting behind him, eyes glowing red along with his wings, Mikasa's
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 46 17
Winry Rockbell x Male Reader - My Mechanic Pt.4
The final part to Winry's insert, enjoy guys!!^_^
"You wake up and slowly open your eyes"
You: Hm? "You try to move, but realize that your tied up on a chair" What happened?
Winry: (M/n)!! "You hear her and see her at your right" Your okay, thank goodness.
Thug: Enjoy your little moment while it lasts love birds. "He walks out of the shadows and you and Winry look at him" Cause it'll be the last.
You: Who are you?
Thug: None of your concern kid. And thanks to your little distraction, I got a terrible migraine that will last a whole week.
You: If you didn't kidnap my friend here, I wouldn't have done it. Now what's the deal here? What do you want?
Thug: Nothing special. Except...."Looks at Winry"
Winry: "Gets a little creeped out" Uh, why is he looking at me?
Thug: From what I heard, your making one of the best Automail in Rush Valley and earning the most cash out of it. As long as I have you, I'l
:iconyellowninja123:YellowNinja123 20 4
Winry Rockbell x Male Reader - My Mechanic Pt.2
Remember to vote for whose insert should be next guys!!
(NOTE: I made a change at the end of Part 1, so you might wanna check that out before reading this to avoid being confused.)
"You run down the stairs and enter the dining room"
You: "You walk up to your parents" Morning guys. "You kiss your mom on the cheek and then take a seat"
Mom: "Notices something" You seem awfully cheery today. And your up early as well, what seems to be the occasion?
You: Nothing too special, just going to town and meet up with a friend.
Mom: And friend you say?
Dad: It's that girl mechanic we met the other day.
Mom: Really now? What's she like?
You: Well, she's around the same age as me, has blonde hair, a perfect figure, and eyes that are bluer than the ocean itself.
Mom: Where does she work in?
Dad: Atelier Garfiel, a shop not too far from the tra
:iconyellowninja123:YellowNinja123 21 16





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